About OTCV

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OTCV Mission

OTCV’s (formerly CVIP) mission is to commercialize the University’s research results for the benefit of both the University and society. The office also supports the economic development initiatives of the University through company formation and job creation, and thereby helps maintain the Commonwealth’s position as a leading developer of cutting-edge technologies.

OTCV Functions

OTCV evaluates new University technologies, seeks and manages patents and other protections, identifies potential licensing partners, and negotiates licensing agreements. The office also invests in our technology through our  proof of concept fund and supports startups through our  programs of education, mentoring and investment.  The revenues generated from technology commercialization are used for the continued financial support of faculty research activities.

Related UMass Policies

The UMass Board of Trustees has approved several policies that address commercializing intellectual properties and distribution of income from any result; faculty consulting and outside activities; and conflicts of interest relating to intellectual property. Visit the Board of Trustees policy page on the President’s Office website for a full listing of academic policies.