Success Stories and Company News

In recent years, OTCV (formerly CVIP) has completed hundreds of licenses; and dozens of companies have been formed based on licensed technologies. These licenses have resulted in over $200 million in licensing income flowing into the University.

Notable transactions with start-up or early stage companies include:

  • Anterios for nanotechnology designed to serve as a delivery system for drugs and cosmetics. Over $10 million in capital has been invested in this venture whose technology was developed at UMass Lowell.
  • Anellotech has developed a clean technology platform for inexpensively producing renewable petrochemicals and transportation fuels from non-food biomass. It holds the promise of revolutionizing the production of these products. This technology was developed at UMass Amherst.
  • Reflectance Medical, Inc., which is developing a noninvasive patient monitor designed to revolutionize the care of critically ill patients. The product now has FDA approval and the company has signed a distribution agreement with Zoll Medical. The Reflectance product is based on technology developed at the UMass Medical School.