Resources for Forming a Company

We have assembled lists of resources that are available throughout the UMass system for students or faculty who are planning to start a company based on ideas or technology developed at UMass.  Together, these resources provide step-by-step guidance in company formation, utilizing the four-stage process described in the start-up tutorial:

  1. On Your Marks!
  2. Get Ready!
  3. Get Set!
  4. Go!

Utilize the links below to find resources available system-wide, as well as resources specific to each of the University’s campuses. We hope these are helpful to you, but as always, please contact your OTCV (formerly CVIP) office for any needed assistance.

System-wide (including Mass. Tech Transfer Center)
UMass Amherst
UMass Lowell
UMass Medical School
UMass Boston
UMass Dartmouth

General Resources

Resources for Entrepreneurs